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About Us


On September 3, 2013 seventeen African-American Administrators and Faculty (AAAF) employed by the University of Virginia held an inaugural dinner meeting at the Colonnade Club (Pavilion VII) with the intent to establish an employee resource group (ERG).   


The Black Faculty and Staff-Employee Resource Group (BFSERG) will actively engage in the recruitment, mentorship, collegiality, professional development, and retention of its members as well as promotion of an inclusive environment that will benefit all UVA faculty, administrators, staff and the Charlottesville community.


To serve as a representative voice for black faculty and staff in matters relative to the intellectual, professional, and emotional betterment within the UVA community and beyond


Meet the Team


Blake Jimenez-Calhoun candidate photo.jpg

Blake Jimenéz-Calhoun


Presides over the meetings of the Employee Resource Group, appoints special committees to ensure the functions and duties of the BFS-ERG are completed as mandated, and mentors and develops new members.

Halima candidate photo.png

Halima Walker

Vice President 

Coordinates programs with the Executive Committee; serve as an ex‐officio member of all standing committees; chairs the Governance Committee; provides leadership & support for special projects and ongoing initiatives; and, assumes the duties of the Chair in their absence.


Gail Prince-Davis


Provides general financial oversight to the Employee Resource Group; facilitates the preparation of annual budgets; collaborates with other officers to solicit funds; regularly monitors expenditures and budget balance; reports on the financial standing; and serve as the primary financial liaison to stakeholders.

Sherica Jone-Lewis candidate photo.jpg

Sherica Jones-Lewis


Generates the minutes of each BFS-ERG meeting, informs the members of the BFS-ERG regarding all planned activities, and sends notices and maintenance of membership records.

Courtney Hawkins candidate photo.jpg

Cortney Hawkins

Communications Officer

Leads communications for BFS-ERG by distributing the newsletter, maintaining the BFSERG web site and social media pages, and chairing the Communications Committee.

Executive Committee

Executive Committee

Michelle Busby.jpg

Michelle Busby

Onboarding & Welcoming Chair


Ashley Woodard

Community Building & Networking Chair

Courtney Hawkins candidate photo.jpg

Cortney Hawkins

Communications Chair

Lisa Harris.jpg

Lisa Harris

Mentorship & Professional Development Co-Chair

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